Intersection 2019
Conferentie EcoDesign Herkaderen

Bijdrage aan Conferentie 2019

Als EnterpriseDesigners willen we graag spreken op de Conferenties, omdat we graag praktische kennis overdragen. Dit jaar maakten we een voorstel voor Intersection Conference 2019, dit jaar in Lissabon. En voor de digital architecture design day 2019, de opvolger van het LAC congres. Onderstaande casusbeschrijving hebben we, samen met Marloes Sikkema van Amica innovatie ingediend om in aanmerking te komen voor een presentatie of masterklas.

“Many enterprises are guided by effectiveness and efficiency, demonstrated by performance indicators, supervision and control. All this makes perfect economic sense. Will that lead to Better Futures? Will it bring Strategy to Practice? Will it inspire people? We think not. To us it even sounds boring.

Come with us on a journey back to meaning and significance. Play with us the Reframing Game. We use it to bring intrapreneurs back to their roots, their most fundamental values that also resonate with those they provide value to. We designed and tested it in 2 steps, with implementation in between.

The first step is an escaperoom towards a redesigned Operating Model. The ambiance and the story we bring, the obstacles and puzzles that you need to solve, challenges a team of intrapreneurs into new roles. We will coach you on your journey.

The second step liberates the heart: it reinvents the intrapreneurs vision towards a new Purpose and Value Model and bringing that to life. Playful we will make you aware of existing thinking, illuminate new patterns and factors to come to alternative frames of meaning. That way we lay the foundation for new added, social and financial, value.

We illustrate this with examples from big goverment to small business. But most of all: we’ll give you goosebumps. You will be able to imagine how it results in new proactiveness and strategic innovation. We even might tease you into a new mindset on your design challenges or current client assignments.”

Voor DADD 2019 maakte we een Escape Room en Reframing Game. Aangekondigd in een filmpje.