Conferentie Herkaderen

Bijdrage aan Conferentie 2020

Als EnterpriseDesigners willen we graag spreken op de Conferenties, omdat we graag praktische kennis overdragen. Dit jaar maakten we 2 voorstellen voor Intersection Conference 2020, dit jaar in Stockholm Zweden. Helaas gaat het, in verband met Corona, niet door. De 2 voorstellen zijn hieronder opgenomen, in het Engels.

Allereerst een voorstel voor een case study. Onder de titel Reframing the Forces

“The police asked us to help rationalize their operational IT. With focus area “common crime”, from bike theft to threat, from destruction to public violence. The underlaying problem was to redesign the operating model, away from bureaucracy and paper, away from “every priority a separate system”. With a mission to free up capacity, be open for partners and be more proactive on the streets. Starting from IT we retraced the history of the 12 systems to phase out, working out the design behind and qualities in it. Starting to understand the problem behind it and earlier and alternative attempts tried. We then tried to define the core deadlock the police was in, which we defined as: how it could absorbe the variety of societal priorities/demands, even if these shift? To answer that question we extended the context and organized the ecosystem: countrywide workfloor representatives of the police, related partners, part of society. Together with them we addressed the way work originates, is prioritized, is executed and coordinated. We collected factors and themes that matter. Together we modelled and started to understand the common denominators across all priorities, security issues and partnerships. Together we formulated a new view on police work. A view founded in openness and interconnectedness. We then had to assure that this new view can potentially lead to realistic and viable solutions. To show the effectiveness, the point solutions for daily briefing and penalty execution process were redesigned. We grudgingly weeded out other frames and ideas that may be great in themselves, but whose implementation would require huge changes in the practices of partners. We concluded with reframed the “shoplifting” offence end to end, including shopowners and partners. And used this as a template for other offences and problem areas. In this presentation we will focus on the modelling and visualisation used during the process, inspired on the milkyway and metromap enterprise mapping, for multi business line organizations, interconnected with partners.

Als tweede een voorstel voor een Master class. Onder de titel Reframing wicked problems by designing future ecosystems

“Today’s problems are systemic, ecocentric, multifaceted and wicked. That makes them hard to solve. Most approaches and concepts do not help, because they frame these problems in the context of the current world view and existing systems, leading to a paradoxical solution within the same frames. And these frames are difficult to escape from. Based on the Enterprise Design Framework, we developed a 6 step sprint model to escape these frames and solve complex problems. First you dig into the problem situation and the paradox that makes it appear unsolvable. Most traditional approaches might then create a fully detailed root-cause analysis and work from there. But the way we see it, is that: – This will bring solutions within the context of the existing problem space. This won’t change the ‘system’ or solve the paradox. – Innovative solutions rarely originate solely from the problem space. – Problems and solutions do not necessarily need a causal relationship. – You don’t have to fully analyse and oversee a problem in order to find a solution (is this even possible?!) So your next step is to create a new frame, by extending the context of the problem, looking at the surrounding ecosystem and investigating its future. Based on this, you will define your own meaningful and feasible future: we will challenge you to build a new world. A world to which you would say “Yes!” and in which your business has a clear, purpose-driven role. In this process, you will have escaped the current world view, frames and paradoxes. The final steps are to define your focus, make your future endeavors specific, join forces with new partners, and translate this into steps you can take tomorrow. Steps to shape your future, solve today’s problems and achieve radical innovation. After this masterclass, you will be able to take the first step and embark on a journey towards a meaningful future in which today’s problems are gone. We will go through the process of reframing step by step. Using a template, explaining the methods, principles and practices. You can apply it to your own case if you want to. This way you can assemble your own hands-on frame, ready for application afterwards.”